Congratulations! You just bought your family a new home and now it is time to prep for the move. This means packing the old house up into boxes, but it also means addressing some items at your new home. Prior to moving in, here are some things you will want to be sure and address.

Changing the Locks

You will want to change the locks on all doors. This will give you peace of mind that a stranger does not have a key to your home. This should be done prior to moving in any of your belongings to avoid having them subjected to theft or outdoor elements while the locks are being changed.

Your Address

You will also want to visit your local post office, or the website for the USPS, to update your address. This should be done prior to the move in order to ensure your mail is forwarded to your new mailing address. The changes will be saved and you can expect to begin receiving mail at your new address in approximately five business days.


You will want to check for leaks in the home that you might not have seen on prior visits. You also want to go outside and check your water utility meter. Do this before you move in and any water is being used. Wait about two hours and then go back and recheck the meter. If the meter has moved without you using the water it is often a good indication you have a leak in the plumbing somewhere in the house.

Toilet Seats

Prior to moving, you will want to change the toilet seats. Face it, using the toilet is very personal and you don’t know how that toilet was used previously. You definitely don’t know if it was cleaned well. Changing the toilet seats will help give you peace of mind when it comes to protecting your family from germs and bacteria that may have been left behind.

Smoke Alarms

Prior to moving into your new home, go through the house and check all smoke alarms. Take batteries with you in case you find one that is disabled. Additionally, you will want to check any carbon monoxide alarms. If you don’t have one in the home, go out and buy one before moving in.

Clean, Clean, Clean

Take your preferred household cleaners and some rags or paper towels and clean. Make sure to wipe down all surfaces in the home including countertops, showers, door handles and all the shelves inside your cabinetry and closet. Odds are the previous owners probably did this when they moved out, but the only way to be certain is to do it yourself.


Prior to move in day, make sure you have contacted all companies to set up utilities. Arrange hookup to water, cable, electric and any other utility before you get there. This will ease the transition for yourself and your family.