Moving to a new city can be both overwhelming and exciting at the same time. Imagine uprooting your whole life and the details of it to start anew in a brand-new location; leaving behind the people, places, job, and local shops that you are accustomed to and venturing into the unknown. Take heart because although change can be scary and takes time to adjust to, there is so much to look forward to with a fresh start. When moving to a new city there are a few steps that you can follow that can make the transition a bit easier and smoother once you arrive. Locate important stores in your neighborhood. Knowing where your favorite stores are located is one of the most beneficial things and the proximity of each one to your new residence. Familiarize yourself with your nearest pharmacy, supermarket, gas station, clothing stores, and other shopping areas that you may need as well as driving directions or the nearest public transportation to each location depending on your needs. This will help you get acquainted with your community and become comfortable with the routes you will soon be taking.

In addition to familiarizing yourself with the local shops of your community, it is also a good idea to ditch your car or Uber, and trade them in for some walking shoes and walk around your neighborhood. When walking, you never know what hidden gem you may stumble upon that you were not able to come across when passing by in a car. You also have the potential to meet a new neighbor or two who will be eager to welcome you to the neighborhood. Not to mention, the walk will be a good way to get exercise.

The best way to experience your new city is to always be open to something new. Whether it be a concert, fun festival or a game night at your co-worker’s house, say “yes” to these events even if you have to attend them alone because they are opportunities to build your network and make new friends and you never know where these connections can lead to.

And write down spots that you visit. Wherever you go, making a list of each location will be helpful in order to reference and remember that great Thai restaurant you ate at last Tuesday after work or that convenience store that sold your favorite brand of chips that you were searching for.

Last but not least, remember to give yourself time to acclimate to your new city. Everyone adjusts to new living spaces and places in differing timeframes. For some people, it may take them a month to settle into their new home but it could take several months or even a full year for you. In a few months you should have a few options for food delivery, a few casual friends or close acquaintances, be familiar with the fastest route to work, and the best way to get to the nearest stores. Within one year you will be able to experience each season change. Don’t rush the process but enjoy the journey of getting to know your new city and be open to all it has to offer.